Friday, September 9, 2011

The Patriots give up the services of cornerback Butler

New England Patriots decided they do not need the services of cornerback Darius Butler for the next season, while the player is unaware of the reasons why it was not considered to be part of the team.

Butler said "I'm not really sure about the reason why I was left out the team, "but with the decision taken by the Patriots acknowledged that" it is better to go separate ways. " He added: "I cannot honestly give the reasons why I'm out, because I do not know."

He said "I recognize that last year was difficult for me, so I guess the team thought it might be better off with people who have."
Butler said "I do not know exactly why things didn't turn out well. But that is the past. "

Butler was elected in the second round of the 2009 draft as a rookie he started five games and started in 2010 as a starter, but he could stay in that place for only the first three weeks.
"This is a business and the fact that I have not been within the team, is not the end of anything. " With this move, the Patriots have five cornerbacks, and Butler became one of the three owners that the Patriots did not consider, after they also gave up the deep hire James Sanders and Brandon Meriweather.

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